Tuesday’s Tips: Ways to elevate small lamps that aren’t to scale…


One of the design projects I had was during my last year of college. I found the perfect lamps that had the exact colors I needed. They were fabulous lamps and at a great price point from Marshalls. Then…I placed them on the living room side table. Smh. They were way too small for the scale of the room. They looked ridiculous next to the sofa. But…they matched. So I convinced myself, along with the homeowner convincing me that they would be fine. I forgot what I used but I tried elevating them some but they were still too small. But sometimes elevating lamps can work…


Use books to give lamps height. Stack some pyramid style and try to coordinate hues with the lamp’s base and/or shade like here


Or use something like a wooden block. To be honest I’m not sure if the block is apart of the lamp above or not but if the style has a lot of rustic outdoorsy elements, this would work…



Another great way to give a lamp height is by placing it on top a lacquered or decorative boxes. You can find them almost anywhere…


Have you had this problem and if so what was your solution?

{Images via Examiner, LA Times, Gabriel Hendifar, Jeffrey Bilhuber w/photography by William Waldron for AD & Houzz }

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  1. You know what’s weird, I bought this pair of lamps that match, but at the same time they’re kind of different, anyways, one is shorter than the other, and its noticeable so I’m glad you posted this. You’re my official go-to girl if I ever need a solution to a weird design problem.


    1. Yay so glad I could be helpful. That’s crazy how the lamps are different sizes like that.


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