Common Denominator: 2 rounds of interiors w/the same similarity per group. Can you find it?




The first group above has on similarity and the bottom group does too. Let’s see how well your attention to detail is…




Continue reading for the answers…

The first group is obvious because of the ginormous spheres that are the sources of light for those spaces. Almost like paper lanterns but way cooler. I like them hung in clusters, sporadically spaced as well as solo. They remind me of planets. The second group is a little harder but they all have something to do with the world/maps. Between the wall art, lamp shade and globes, it’s one of my favorite decor ideas. I never tire of seeing maps in any form in a room. It’s incredibly ideal for a child’s space or play room. Sometimes you gain color inspiration from them. Here are more posts I’ve done about maps, globes and voyage themes.

<span style="color:#808080;" So…did you find them?

{Images via So Haute, Trip Haenisch & Associates, Jessica Buckley}

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