It’s almost that time….warm weather=outdoor oasis….

No Matter how small your balcony area, you can still make the space function. You may can’t fit a table for four, but a small circular table and even one chair or two fold up chairs will allow you a chance to soak in the sun and feel the breeze. I love how the area above has a stand alone umbrella. I bought one once, but it wasn’t as sturdy as they claim it would be. ūüė¶ So I returned it.

The stone features of the patio above is epic. I mean, are you seriously going to have a table and bench styled seating with rocks enclosed in wood and wire and have it looking so fabulous? The soft pinks and blush tones with big leafy plants sprouting out of ceramic pots of the same hues is everything to me. I also dig the sail they created. Kind of looks like a DIY project with line and grommet curtains but I could be wrong. The sheer fabric blowing in the wind makes this so dreamy. Nonetheless, this space will be my phones wallpaper.

Another fab outdoor space with more bright colored¬†pots…


Sour Apple hued pots…

Lovely black & white striped drapes paired with an nontraditional purple hued pots…

{The Decorista}

When a covered porch is your outdoor space, you’re able to decorate a bit more freely since it’s not exposed as much to the elements…


This NY rooftop terrace is completely exposed to everything mother nature has to offer so it’s best to style a tablescape for a dinner party on as needed basis. I like the grass carpet though because it feels like a backyard…


Some outdoor furniture aren’t the most comfortable because they have to withstand different weather and seasons and usually those are harder materials like teak, wrought iron, etc. So pile on the pillows! Buy the ones made for outdoor weather. Unless you have a covered porch. Just like a living room, pillows add punch of color and gives that comforting feel you want when lounging around…

All sorts of vibrant colors but the floor pillows makes most of the square footage. You don’t always have to spend money on furniture. Pillows will do…


Outdoor rugs are great because¬†they anchor the space. You can really identify a conversation area with rugs and they give so much color to work with…

{Coco Cozy}

If you have some old furniture lying around, paint it a bright color and throw it outside. Depending on the material, you may need to cover it when it rains to avoid warping of wood, etc. I like the big plants in the huge pots…


or just buy Ikea furniture…




{via Blanco Interiores}

Love how everything seems outlined from the walls to the drapes. Such a chic porch. Using mirrors and other decor pieces you find indoors is a great idea. Nothing better than¬†jazzing up that¬†other extension of living…¬†

Love how these flowers cascade over the wrought iron…

String lights are fun and festive. You may not have an entire yard to cover like this but it still works for a balcony. Design Tip: Be weary of paper lanterns if your balcony or porch isn’t covered because mine got completely destroyed by wind and rain…


Outdoor lighting from fire pits, sconces, torches etc extends the life of the area. Meaning you’re not limited to daylight, you can hang out there all night long. Have walkways lit so guests can see where they’re going. Think about the different activities you want to do out there. Will you sometimes find yourself wanting to sit down with wine and a good book? Well make sure you have adequate light where you can read without straining…


This here has me daydreaming…a sunken sandy living room? I’ll take it. Note to self: do this instead of a castle next time I visit the beach…

{other images via my Pinterest}

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  1. Gray Livin' says:

    Outdoor spaces are much fun to create. But they are often the most overlooked room in a home. As designers we have to encourage clients to think outside the box, literally.


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