Happy Easter!



I hope you are all enjoying the day and weekend. I spent time over my brother & sis n law’s playing with my niece Bria before heading to my cousin’s yesterday for a BBQ potluck. We had music playing, drinks flowing and card games going. The kids played Wii. Today is low-key. I spent time with the cat watching Racheal Ray & Wendy Williams on dvr.


It’s absolutely beautiful here in Milwaukee. Mid 60s, very sunny. All the floral bushes & trees made me smile as I drove. Even though a lot of them blew in my car through the sun roof. 🙂 I left my leveler at my friend’s apt so I stopped by to get it. Now I’m visiting with gran’ma & her sister. My aunt & mom are here too. After this
I am going to my parent’s house to cook and chill. Watch some nba, Hgtv’s For Rent, some real housewives of Atlanta & some Khloe & Lamar. Hope whatever you do it’s with family & friends.

Xoxo Miya

{Image via Glamour & Shelter Interior Design}

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