**New Series** Spring Cleaning: pretty storage ideas for makeup & nail polish junkies


So this weekend is one of the first in forever where I don’t have anything planned. So I think I will purge some items from the makeup drawer and dump some products etc I no longer use. Basically organize a bit. So here are some ways to beautify your vanity or bathroom counters. Because if your drawers look anything like the pic above, although pretty, It’s highly disfunctional which slows down the process of getting ready…


I love the how versatile apothecary jars are. They look pretty with soaps and bath salts but throw some polishes in there for a chic neat storage solution. One for eyeshadows too. Or use a martini glass like here


Or you can do like Racheal Zoe who took a key from nail shops and beaty bars with a wall of polishes with a nail rack. I also know they sometimes repurpose spice rack shelves for them. See this for inspiration…



Drawer inserts are great because they keep everything in place and prevent items from sliding all around upon closure…



However feel free to use a utensil tray to get the same result…


Keep like minded stuff together so combs & brushes, eye make-up like shadows, liners and mascara, then lipglosses, balms & lipstick, then have your morning creams separate from your night. Toward the back leave all the porducts you use occasionally like things for zits, tweezers etc. That way the things you use daily and often are at the forefront of the drawer…


Acrylic and lucite organization cubies are great because you can easily see everything…


Pretty vases or cups can be used for make-brushes. I don’t use them except for the occasional bronzer so my one lil brush would be awfully lonely. I’m thinking about getting some just for bathroom decor. Since my bath is a coastal theme, i’d have my brushes in sand or shells…

Makeup Organizing

To make it easier for yourselves, here are my suggestions. You can click the collage to go to the links to purchase: 1* The Container Store’s Acrylic Risers $3.99; 2* Neatnix’s Cosmetic Tray $9.99
;3* Arteriors Gold Tray $382 (splurge I know but pretty for housing perfume bottles); 4* The Container Store’s 3-tiered Acrylic Cabinet Organizer $13

Were these design tips helpful?

{Images via Into the Gloss, The Coveteur, Fabulous K, Hip n Haute, Martha Stewart, the Happy Housewife & here where you can purchase another drawer insert}

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  1. Love these ideas. Wish my bathroom ever looked this organized!


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