How to get adequate seating when you have a fireplace that needs to be the focal point…


We mostly love the idea of cozying up to a crackling fireplace when the nights are cool or you want a bit of romance with your dinner. But sometimes furniture gets in the way. One of my first clients who was a coworker of my mother had this problem. She had 3 pieces of furniture in her living room set and the way the layout was, she decided to hide the fireplace with a bulky chaise lounge. No ma’am. I came in and space planned and made the fireplace the focal point that it should be. So if you entertain often, and need additional seating, think about using low ottomans or benches to place in front. They don’t block the mantle and still allow you to get seating without the bulk.



{images via Dodson & Daughter Interior Design, Angie Hranowsky via Parlour Home Blog & BHG}

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  1. I love that red bench in front of the fireplace in the last one. What a great way to add seating, but not lose the view of the fire. Also if you’re not lucky enough to have a bench built into the fireplace itself, nice way to cozy up to it.

    I’m always cold, so…DIBS. ha ha


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