Hot Air Balloon kids party & decor ideas for a nursery…

hot air balloon party

hot air balloon party by designindulgences on

 On my bucket list, I want to experience a hot air balloon ride. I’m all for unique childrens parties and I think this theme would be cute. Recently I went to Michael’s and in their dollar section they had several hot air balloon items including note cards and invitations. Those random bits can easily be used as party favors for guests…

{Apartment Therapy}


{CW Barchitects as seen on Elements of Style Blog}

I also think it’s cute to have as a voyage theme. Typically we see airplanes used for bon voyage themes but hot air balloons are indeed a mode of transportation so why not take on this route versus the typical? You can add luggage trunks and maps or globes to add to the overall effect and still keep it child friendly…

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  1. That balloon chandler is too cute for cha-cha! I love it.

    Not so much the hot air balloon ride though. I mean, its basically a basket hooked up to a balloon fuled with an open flame. I’m going to have to pass, but I can’t wait to live vicariously through you! 😉


    1. LMAO!!! That’s true but this is the same person who rode one of the rides at the Stratosphere in Vegas 1,000 + feet in the air. I’m a lowkey thrill seeker. I’d never bungie jump but I want to to sky dive.


      1. Ha ha! I’ve been to Vegas several times and never had the guts to go on that ride! Brave soul indeed!

        I have reverse bungie jumped…though, it’s more like you’re on a bench that’s a slingshot and SOOT up into the air and bounce back. It was terrible. 😉


      2. LOL I used to want to do the sling shot but naw…I’ll pass. Still on a rope lol


  2. Hot air balloon ride will be very enjoyable for kids but kids should not be very small. It is adventurous party idea so it is good for teenagers .


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