Home Tours of regular people & the tips they use for dealing with small spaces


{images by Patrick J. Hamilton}

Interior Designer Agustin Sanders’ 650 sq ft apt in San Francisco has a ton of style to be so cozy. Wine bar stools makes this kitchen an “eat-in” one by simply adding seating that takes up minimal space. You don’t need a full size table to have a bite to eat. This can work well for most smaller kitchens. Some tables are tall enough where the chair stools slides underneath, kind of like the ottoman/table combos. A cabinet topped with cushions provides some hidden storage and a window seat.



The numerous textures adds sleek and rough elements that keeps the space interesting. Making use of the additional floor space by the bay window, a sofa is placed there making the room double as a workspace.

To see more of the space & where some items can be purchased, click here.


Using a trunk or ottoman that can do double duty is key. This serves as storage for either kids toys or extra blankets etc. It’s sturdy enough to also function as a table. Using two small chairs keeps the furniture to scale for the room. You don’t always need a sofa and love seat.


Lack cabinet space? Use the tops if you have to for storing big appliances and pots. Utilize wall space with floating shelves for spices or a diner feel.


Mazen El-Abdallah, founder of Mazen Studio has the perfect design trick for keeping his space feel airy. He keeps furniture on legs to give an open feeling and keep everything feeling light versus heavy. He also filled the home with personal things like books and art collections. He likes for a space to feel as if everything has a story behind it. I hear of people saying they will personalize once they buy a home. Nonsense. Your apartment is just as much a home as someone’s house. You pay to live there every month so you need to feel the calming homely feel when you arrive each day after a day of work. Go on and put those pictures up and personalize.


I too like the usage of a big dining table as his office. He has more than enough room to spread out his work. If you don’t formally eat at the table, don’t be afraid to make the function tailored to your needs.



The kitchen was built by himself with Ikea cabinets and serves up a lot of style for a galley kitchen. That’s another thing, people get bent out of shape if they don’t have the sort of square shaped kitchen with an open floorplan and an island. If you own and are able to update the finishes, cabinets, floor and backsplash, do so. Make the best galley kitchen you can make. They don’t have to lack a nice aesthetic.


The bathroom was a complete reno. Soothing palettes and finishes help create a zen feel. I love it. Perfect for a bubble bath soak. See more of the space here.

{All images via Aparment Therapy}

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  1. I love your tips and seeing them in real people’s homes. I can’t believe that kitchen was built with Ikea cabinets!


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