A peak into a fabulous home office dubbed as the “mom cave” filled with thrifty finds…


I finally caught up on some reads with online shelter mags and realized I been missing out on some office eye candy! I love a room that has an eclectic mix of styles and colors. One that has visual richness from the colors and textures. One that oozes femininity but still has masculine structured touches. And to have the beauty of ones heels on display? Yes ma’am…visualgasms for me.


Saudah Saleem of Saudah Saleem Interiors is very house proud. She decided she and her husband could function with a bedroom in a smaller room with just the bed and nightstands, allowing the master to convert into her closet/office/mom cave.


The lamp was a thrift store find and paired with a linen shade and greek key trim found on clearance at walmart…



She didn’t want heaviness that a wooden desk would bring considering the bookshelves so she opted for a sawhorse desk with a glass top to keep if airy and allow you to see the beauty of the rug.


Her tips for creating a space that fits your needs is to start with assessing the room or area and determine the crucial functions. Next is determining what inspires you and the things that make you happy. Not to get caught up in the rules of design and instead make your own rules. Always purchase what you love and you’ll love what you have. I think those are great tips…


{images via House of Fifty}

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  1. Saudah says:

    Wow. Just found your blog. Thanks so much for sharing my work with your readers and for your kind words! Creating this space was truly a joy. Please stop by blog for more inspiration and project updates.



    1. No thank YOU for having such an inspirational space. I made one of those images my phones wallpaper. I change it often but that has stayed for a while.


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