Here’s how to arrange furniture to create conversation areas in an open floorplan…

Most of us crave for big open spaces but often times don’t realize the difficulty that comes with arranging furniture for those spaces. I covered ways to separate zones for studio apartments and ways to get privacy. This post shows you examples of how to take advantage of the space by having multiple conversation areas. Nothing is worse than seeing a large room without much furniture in it or chairs in odd places. If you entertain frequently or utilize your rec room, this post is for you. The above room keeps the fireplace a focal point by not blocking it. Using a bench styled seat is perfect because it separates but still versatile enough where people can sit and face multiple directions…


A two sided sofa….


Pull furniture off the wall and make smaller groupings. Using benches behind sofas adds for more seating without the bulk…


As always a console table works wonders for dividing a space….


Think about the arrangement of hotel lobby areas…


It’s like you’re creating mini living rooms so don’t feel afraid of adding new chairs and other sets so it’s not too matchy matchy and dull…

{Images via House of Fifty, Knight Moves, Conspicuous Style}

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