Tuesday’s Tips: use a curtain rod to create a canopy for bed…


I had another topic I wanted to do but it would have been so much more time to compose and currently, I’m at home sick with food poisoning. So imagine those rods that can be mounted on the ceiling as well as the wall. Just drape fabric over to create a canopy if you don’t have a bed with posts. It’s similar to this

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  1. Cheryl Lynn says:

    That is such a beautiful concept. Thank you for sharing. So sorry you’re sick with food poisoning of all things! I’ve been there, done that, do NOT want to do it again. Please feel better soon!


    1. Tell me about it 😦 but thank you


  2. Oh man, I feel you. I have definitely had my fair share of food poisoning in my life. Hope you feel better soon.
    Love this idea, too. Same look, less $$!


    1. Thanks girl! I stayed home from work today and feel 95% better 🙂


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