Iconic: Interior Design with art & photos paying homage to icons…

With the shocking death of Whitney Houston, a lot of people posed the question, ‘why dont we celebrate our icons while they’re here..why does it take for them to pass to do so’?. I’ve been trying to collect images the last several months of interiors that have Marilyn Monroe and other iconic figures. With this weekends events, I guess there is no better time to show you what I have. Whether it’s someone who is deceased or your current favorite, you can display the admiration of any iconic image in a tasteful, non cheesy way…



{Grace Kelly by Andy Warhol (room designed by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard for Tamara Mellon) Via La Dolce Vita}

Beautiful herringbone floors with a technique Andy Warhol made popular. This is a great way to inject color and a little whimy pop art fun to a space…


A black and white image of Marilyn and that famous pose on the street…


Elizabeth Taylor in this fun color scheme…


A gallery wall in classic black and white is always timeless…

I can see myself doing this in a dressing room….

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  1. I love these pictures. There’s this picture of Alexander McQueen posed with a skull, smoking a cig that I totally want framed.


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