Common Denominator: 2 rounds of 3 pics with 1 similarity. Can you find it?




Can you find the similarity between the images above? Now what about the images below?


Perfect example of balanced styling. This is when I can dig asymmetrical decor…



Continue reading for the answer…

The first 3 images all have a stack of magazines. The last 3 images all have gold mirrors. Did you get it?

{Images via Domino, Houzz and my Pinterest}

2 Comments Add yours

  1. My all time fav guessing game! Stumped again on the first one, I thought maybe it was the natural fibers, the jute rugs and wicker baskets in the last one. I did get the second one though! Hooray for me 🙂


    1. See yall point things out to me too. I didn’t realize the natural fibers in all. I figured ppl would guess the pencils in cups though there weren’t any in the first one.


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