Update a dresser with door-knockers for knobs…

 When I came across this image in Rue magazine, I was stuck on the door knockers as drawer handles. I thought this was a cool way to repurpose something and give new life into something old. Painting it a popping vibrant hue doesn’t hurt.

It really makes me want to make due with my bedroom set. I know, *shudders*. I still have a set from when I was in high school. It’s all mirrored doors & drawers except the sides and top surfaces are black. It’s not ugly just I’m sick of it. But I can’t get new pieces of furniture right now so I’m thinking of the most cost effective way I can keep it but revamp the look. I’m toying around ideas on painting the mirrors and covering it in a high gloss for a lacquered look and just covering the surfaces with mirrors. Or do I get rid of the nightstands and buy cheap round tables that I can have glass cut to size and have flowing fabric that puddles to the floor. Do I want to buy a headboard or create a tufted plush one myself? Should I remove the doors to the armoire and paint the inside a bright color and use it as a shelving display for random pretty things?. What I want to do first is remove the 3 drawers in the middle of the dresser and take off the hinges. Paint the cork inside black. Add a fabulous chair and keep the mirrors on the front side doors to create a vanity. So many decisions.

Sometimes keeping what you have and getting creative is way more fun than buying new. I’ll keep yall posted…

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  1. Great ideas…My head is spinning just thinking about it all. I can’t wait to see what you come up with though.
    Mm, and I LOVE the blue on that dresser!


    1. Mine is spinning thinking about the cost and time lol


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