Just some interiors I’m loving + space saving solutions while getting more seating…


I love the gallery wall. Just a nice cluster of mirrors and black and white photography. Even with the combination of black and bronze frames, it works. The second thing I love most is the mixture of pillows which is by far the easiest way to help inject texture and color to a space. And they’re so cost effective too that you can almost go crazy. Pillows help hide worn out sofas or stains etc. Play with the sizes and fabric. Adding a scarf is always a nice touch to keep things pulled together and not appear sloppy. Design Tip: Use branches from the outdoors to add to a vase with faux floral stems. Sometimes you can spend a pretty penny if you buy enough floral stems to get a full look especially when they go from $6 and up per stem. So adding branches (free) adds a nice effect. Spray paint them to look like these.


I like the usage of space. If you’re dealing with a smaller scaled apartment or living room, don’t feel as though you have to have a full 3 piece set. As a matter of fact, try to avoid buying sets if you can. I know most times it’s cheaper. I know it’s easier. But if you can swap out that last chair for a different, style, color or textile, you’ll make the space more interesting. Nothing worse than a room looking as if it was all bought from (insert store catalogue here). Maybe put that extra chair in the bedroom to create a reading area. Maybe the love seat is better served elsewhere like the basement for his man cave. If you don’t have room, consider ottomons instead. They take up minimum space. Or use directors chairs as seen HERE. These are options that allows you adequate seating without the bulk….

Love the tribal textiles and mixing of patterns


Another space saver solution that I love is ottomons, or cushion seats tucked neatly under a coffee table. More seating, no additional square footage needed. The tiger print is fabulous but I actually like everything about Cathy Triant Buxton’s living room…


Such a nice seating hallway area. If this is an entryway it’s definitely setting the right tone for the home. Do you play up your hallways or abandon them? What are your feelings on furniture pieces vs sets? How do you incorporate seating in a small space? I’d love to hear your thoughts :-).

{Images via Made By Girl & Focal Point Styling}

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  1. Glamb0t says:

    While I love the last photo with the orange accents (I’m really into orange right now), the first is just divine! OH MY!

    I love mis matched frames and have them going on down a long hallway in my house. Also, those pillows are just perfect. What a great space. It’s busy, but still looks clean and inviting.


  2. Wow! Some good ideas in this post. I prefer to play up my hallways, and definitely prefer mix-and-match rather than sets. It’s much more versatile!

    * I hope you and your readers will join Bloggers for Hope and send some Valentine love to “the least of these.” You can even do it AFTER Feb. 14! Check it out here: http://myplacetoyours.blogspot.com/2012/02/valentines-of-hope.html


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