Color Schemes: Plum/Grape & Daisy…


One week ago today my Milwaukee Bucks beat the Lakers. I can’t stand that team so I was estatic. Here’s another opportunity for me to gloat, lol. Purple & yellow…


{design: David Kaihoi for House Beautiful photos:Ngoc Minh Ngo}

I soooo wish the bookshelves had books with yellow spines somewhere in there. Can you imagine how much more fabulous this space would be with color coordinated books like this?

{Emily Walker of H&H. Photo via Odi et Amo}

In the background you see framed fabric. Here’s another view of that room.

{The Classic Invitation}

{Ideal Home Magazine}

Subtle painted stripes can be accomplished by using the same color, just one in high gloss and another in flat paint. Love those lampshades. Ever since I took on my latest project, I’ve been keeping my eye on lampshade styles…

{Decor Pad}

{Better Homes and Gardens}






{other images via Houzz}

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