Asymmetrical VS Symmetrical…

{The Aestate Tumblr}

Some people think symmetry in design is boring and too safe. I personally love it but if something isn’t symmetrical, I prefer that it’s at least balanced. By that I mean, if there is a console table with a lamp on one side and a plant on the other, I would want them the same height. If a mirror and a pic is hung over nightstands, I’ll need them to be hung at the same height. So what are your thoughts? First what do you think of this fabulous mirrored greek key console table? Such a statement piece…







{designed by Melissa Warner of Massucco Warner Miller design for Traditional Home}

{Kelly Wearstler}



{Restoration Hardware}



 The all white peacock and glossy black floors is everything to me…




{Other images via Pinterest, the Lennoxx}


3 thoughts on “Asymmetrical VS Symmetrical…

  1. The {Kelly Wearstler} bedroom is gorgeous. Do you know if there are any additional images of this project/room or could you direct to where you found this? Thank you for all your inspiration!!!


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