My latest client & some DIY projects we’re gonna tackle…

My latest client is in the Navy and was previously living in San Diego and now will be living back in this state (Wisconsin). So we made our way to Hobby Lobby (for the life of me, I don’t understand why Milwaukee doesn’t have one and we’re the biggest city in the state with metro MKE having 1.4 million ppl but Kenosha, with only 100K ppl gets this pleasure?). We also hit up Marshalls, the Goodwill and a couple other stores. She has a brown sofa and it came with some aqua/brown pillows but her favorite color is yellow. So we’re going with THIScolor scheme of mustard, aqua and chocolate and gold accents. She has a brick wall and the mortar will look nice with the metallic gold I’m painting the ceiling. The walls will be a high gloss mustard like the one in THISpost.

This project will allow me a chance to do some diy projects. For example, we’re painting these lamps she already owned.


The lamp shades add nothing to the space so we’re going to cover with some fabric. I have never done this so any tips greatly appreciated.


She has a bar cart!! So this is getting a look completely inspired by THIS gold one.


We scored two of these for 2.99 at Goodwill. These bad boys will get new fabric for the seat & spray painted brushed gold for the chairs…

We’re going for a modern glam look but it may end up eclectic as I want to incorporate her prized posessions from her travels in the Navy. Some of those items will top pyramid stacks of books.

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  1. I ABSOLUTELY love the color scheme you’re going with and cannot wait to see the final result!


    1. Thanks! I’m glad I was able to refer to my original post to get a feel for how they would work together.


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