I “Steel” love me some stainless…


For those of you who don’t know, stainless steel doesn’t mean fingerprintless. So if you have kids, little kids…these styles are not for you. Because the prints show up really well on stainless. I think the stainless art is so contemporary and fresh.


I think red is the most common kitchen color accent. I know so many people who use the hue.

Ahhhh stainless cabinetry. This is so fabulous to me. I love a contemporary, clean lines type of kitchen and I can see this look in someone’s highrise condo. The floating shelves next to the stove makes cooking easier because you can see spices without having to open a thing.


You have to have a very neat soul in order to maintain this. It would be cool for a basement rec room kitchenette where you keep primarily beverages for entertaining.


Nate Berkus did a great job on this design. It’s sleek but to me it still has a coziness about it. I don’t know if it’s the teak counters or the splashes of orange but it doesn’t feel cold like some modern kitchens.

{Images via my Pinterest, Elle Decor, the book French Impressions}

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  1. Courtney Green says:

    Hmmm… Lemme add this to my mental “when I get rich” rolodex…….






    1. Lol. I am not gonna even think about my list.


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