Deep Blue Sea…Remember that movie? Would you paint walls the color of the ocean? Pt 1


You can get away with darker colors without darkening the space if you limit the usage to walls with doors & windows. Notice how the ones in this post with a lot of white crown molding and light furniture manages to stay airy. But if moody is the look you’re going for, you’ll surely get it with this royal, cobalt or teal hues…


{Markham Roberts}


{Entra Mag, Elle Decor, Veranda Mag, Florida Design Mag, NY Times}

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  1. pinkeggshell says:

    Of Course! Love the blue. The movie clip was a nice suprise. Great job. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Courtney Green says:

    I love this! My mother has a blue room.. It’s my nephews room whenever they come and spend the night… I love the top pic!


    1. Aw I wish I could have seen when I was down there.


  3. Gray Livin' says:

    I love this color. Looks very elegant to me and can be paired with almost any other color.


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