Just wanna say…


Thank you. It truly makes my day the feedback I get on a day to day basis. I’ve noticed this blog has gotten a traffic increase the last several weeks. Not sure exactly where it’s all coming from but if you added me to your blogroll or link back a post or retweeted anything of mine…thank you. I see I’m gaining more commenters which I love!! I always wanted to simply inspire some folks with things, designs & events that interest me. The only way I really know it’s working, well….one of the ways is feedback so thanks for those who take the time to reply. I know I’m just as busy as the next, especially since I don’t blog full time. However I try to reply to things that resonates with me. I know it’s time consuming, something we need more of. Matterofact wouldn’t it be lovely if we had an extra hour or two a day to devote just to surfing the net? Especially since I found out today HGTV is on Pinterest. Lawd help a sista cuz my time wasting is really gonna be at an all time high now. Lol.

The interior above is simple, yet luxurious. Hope you’re having a fantabulous hump day.
{Image via This Is Glamorous}

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