It’s so cold outside, the perfect time to cozy up in a bed filled with layers…

Love the art and gold accents. It was 1 degree yesterday. Yeah, singular. degree. Ridiculous. And the wind chill last night was somewhere between negative 10 and 15. The joys of living in Milwaukee in January. Though I can’t complain cuz we’ve had a very mild winter so far with tons of 30s, 40s, and even a 55 degree day just last week! But when it’s über arctic outside, I don’t want to do a thing. I am soooo not a homebody but in the winter when it’s cold, I hibernate and leave when absolutely necessary. Laying in a layered bed filled with many pillows, different sizes, blankets and comforters is the ideal place to be. So much textural indulgences. Do you like beds with a ton of pillows? Or do you find making it up daily to be a chore with so much on it?

{images via Conspiscuous Style & Inspired Design}

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  1. One degree! Good Lord! Oh, I could not handle that…But I do love a nice fluffy bed with lots of layers. Working on getting myself hooked up with a setup like that right now. Husband freaking out over the cost of sheets…oh well.


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