Organized inspiration chaos…

{via Inspired Design}

I love when I feel inspired. It’s usually in my daydreams while working the day job but whenever I come across something online or in a magazine, my brain starts going in every-which-a-way. Then to-do lists start being made and I start brainstorming until I’m overwhelmed with creative bliss. I have yet to actually start an inspiration board though. I usually just put magazine tear outs in Ziploc bags. The idea sounds cute but the task of deciding which images etc makes the cut, would be rather daunting. Because I have so much stuff that I refer to. Outside of Pinterest, (the virtual inspiration board), this blog serves as one as well. It just irks me when I input key words and can’t find something I blogged about. (when tagging goes wrong). So what inspires you? How do you organize your inspirational thoughts and pictures? If you have an inspiration board, do you swap out images often?


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