Design Inquiries: Where can I get the wallpaper in the attic closet post?


Back in December I received an email From Alex of New York who has an older home and would like to make an attic closet similar to this post. Unfortunately my searches yielded no results on the specific wallpaper. However the design was metallic, floral and reminded me of Chinoiserie. SO I figured I’d give a ton of examples of other interiors with Chinoiserie designs.

{Desire to Inspire}

This is beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous. The metallic sheen and subtle monochromatic colors doesn’t make this too IN YOUR FACE. It’s perfect to give pop to an entryway.

{Little Green Notebook}

So magical for a girl’s bedroom. It’s like it tells a story…


{Holiday Boutique}

I like how they also painted the ceiling and didn’t forget that it’s indeed a fifth wall.


{Elle Decor}

I know I blogged about this picture before in my home office obsession post but I figured it’s only right to re post it.

Cutting Edge Stencils created this Japanese Maple Leaf design over a gold leaf patina.

{Betsy-Burnham as seen in InStyle}

Design Tip: In the event  you don’t want to commit to a wallpaper with a wild print, you can still appreciate the beauty by framing them. Either use an actual frame or put the wallpaper within moldings. These are great alternatives to pictures as well.

For me, this is the way I’d probably go with any busy wallpaper just because I think if it’s in a room I’m in for long periods of time, it’ll eventually irk me, despite how pretty it is. So again, hanging as wall art instead is a better solution.

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  1. Love the metallic silver!!!!!!


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