Agate natural elements in decorating…

The first time I came across agate was at some museum in Washington D.C. when I was in high school vacaying and visiting my cousin. Then I started noticing Marshalls and the like selling agate bookends. Now, they are everywhere. All through out home decor and even jewelry and I cannot get enough. The above is a nice way of displaying artifacts and collections by incorporating them with books. It keeps a library interesting.

{Nate Berkus}

agate decor
{Prarie Hive}
agate tables
agage bookends

Beautiful collection for the office via Rablabs


A great way to improvise a place setting is if you come across cool cuff bracelets, use those. Sometimes ponytail holders work as well. Anything to secure the napkin. Guest would never know the difference. Score some of the cuffs below from THIS etsy shop.


So instead of painting risers of stairs…


Side Note: if you’re unfamiliar with Polyvore collages, simply click on the image and you’ll be able to see exactly where to purchase the items. Some are as cheap as $6.


6 thoughts on “Agate natural elements in decorating…

  1. Whoa! I love those chairs in the first pic.

    WOO HOO! Agate is in! Thanks to my hippie fiancé, we have plenty of pieces in his man cave. So hip we are! 🙂

    Great post, I love all the pictures. Really shows the diversity of such a wonderful design accent.


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