Beyonce bought Baby Blue Ivy a $3,500 lucite crib!

Y’all know how much I love most things acrylic and to think babies can lay their heads on a “clear crib” is crazy fab. Beyonce supposedly bought one with her mom Tina in November for $3,500…chump change to her. I’d love to see how fab this 2,200 sq ft nursery looks. But considering wedding pics never slipped out into the media, I doubt highly we’ll ever see B.Ivy’s room, let alone her for a long long time.
More details on the lucite crib: Nurseryworks is a pioneer in children’s design with the first and only crib in the market to be made entirely of acrylic, the Vetro crib is a unique and sophisticated sleeping spot. The design features beautiful curved edges and three level mattress heights. So modern day decoristas, would you want your child sleeping in mahogany wood or acrylic? {Images via D magazine & US Weekly}

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