Before & Afters with Mr. Goodwill Hunting…

I first learned about him while watching Nate Berkus and found his blog & became a fan. Sometimes all it takes is a lil bit of elbow grease to make something fabulous and bring life back into a piece. It’s the most cost effective way to make a lot of bang on a buck. So here are a few examples of furniture transformed into something great.
Kind of mad I didn’t do this with the old dresser I let my parent’s sell at our first, and maybe last… family rummage.
Shut the front door! So until I read this post, I just knew he had it upholstered……nope. He used paint. Painted the fabric. I’ve touched on this before when I came across this diy tutorial but you can read Rashon’s here. And get this…the inspiration from the chair was a Tom Ford outfit with plaid pants. Have you tried painting fabric? Have your own diy before & after? Feel free to shoot me an email. They may appear on the site.

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  1. Gray Livin' says:

    WOW! I can’t believe he painted this chair. Amazeballs! I want to try this. The addition of the Tom Ford fabric is a nice touch.


    1. I still can’t believe we can paint fabric without it bleeding on clothes!


  2. I love watching him work his magic. So glad he’s on youtube now. This man needs his own TV show.


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