Entrepreneurial Showcase: A. Amani Bush for Amani at Home…

 I admire anyone who juggles multiple jobs especially while following their dreams to create their passion. After completing an African-American studies program and being enriched in culture from travels to Africa, this guest blogger launched the ethnic print Etsy shop known as Amani at Home.



Name: A. Amani Bush


City: Washington, DC


Profession: Principal designer of Amani at Home, a full service interior design company (a bathroom designed by her is below)

 and supplier and curator of ethnic home goods.

(Etsy Amani at Home)

By day, I am an HR Specialist for the federal government. 

Link (to site or blog): 

My blog is www.amaniathome.wordpress.com and I will be launching my website in the upcoming weeks. 

What’s a typical day in the life like for you? 

While I am truly thankful and blessed for gainful employment as an HR Specialist, it is not until the evening and weekends that I am able to tap into my creative side.

 Honestly, it is that time of day that I look forward to the most. Entrepreneurs get back what they put into their business, so I make sure every day that I reach a goal no matter how small it is. 


What has been your biggest learning lesson both personally & professionally? 

To stay true to yourself and take you wherever you go. If there is something you believe in whole heartedly, you have a responsibility to yourself to see it through – no matter the odds. Don’t let anyone discourage you or attempt to change who you are or dictate where you should be going. We all have something to offer to this world in our unique way, and we should take that same mindset when dealing with others. 

How have you benefited from social media? And where can we find you? 

Yes! I have the opportunity to network with some great and talented people. This lets you get a real feel for what is going on in the design industry. This naturally will make you challenge yourself and work hard to create your own niche that sets you apart from the pack. 

Readers can find me on twitter as @amaniathome or Facebook as Amani at Home, LLC.

What would be the ultimate dream project? 

My ultimate dream project would be to renovate a brownstone or a row house – and then perhaps to live in it! 😉

Any design/fashion tips?

My husband always jokes with me that….

 I will happily take a piece of furniture over the latest designer bag or shoes.

I’m a big list maker. What’s on your TO DO list? 


Launching my website is my biggest TO DO right now.

What are you currently anticipating? 

I am currently anticipating the launch of my new website amaniathome.com.

Also in the upcoming year, you will hear more about a new project that I am collaborating with another Washington , DC based designer on. It will be a different direction than Amani at Home, but it will be sure to be loaded with lots of interior design and home furnishings goodness!

Fill in the blank. It’s the lil things like __being able to pursue the things that you love _ that brings you joy.


Favorite luxury to indulge in?


My favorite luxury is probably the spa. I live for body treatments such as the Vichy Shower. 

Favorite Indulgences….

Food?   My favorite types of food are Mexican, Indian, African, and Caribbean . Any dish that uses spices and a little heat is alright by me.


Sad to say, but I am a reality TV junkie. It does not take long for me to get pulled into one of those programs. 


I like to shop during non-peak hours and usually only when I need something. I call it “shopping with a purpose”. I’ve always preferred quality over quantity, so when I do spend, I make sure it’s a smart purchase that I will get lots of use of.



My favorite brands to wear are Trish McEvoy, MAC, and Nars. Also I love Essie nail polish.


Shirley Temple

  Miya’s note. These are Shirley Temple Cupcakes


Yes please! My favorite travels have been to Africa and the Caribbean .

I would say on my top “to go” list are Tanzania , South Africa , Phuket, and Morocco .


If $ were no object, what would be your ultimate design indulgence? 

If money were no object, I would take a trip around the world.

I would collect beautiful artifacts along the way and when I returned home, I would come back and accessorize my home with them.


Well if it looks anything like the interior designed by her below, then  I’m sure it’ll be fabulous.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. amaniathome says:

    Great article! Thank you so much for the feature. I appreciate the opportunity to let readers learn a little more about me and the Amani at Home brand.

    ps. readers can see more of my work on http://www.amaniathome.com. Website launch e-party coming soon!



    1. You’re very welcome & I love the prints and affordable product line.


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