Lack room for additional seating but need some for entertaining? Try table/ottoman combos…

Frankly most of us don’t have the room to entertain like we wanna. So the next best thing for getting the seating you need is ottomans built-in coffee tables. Most furniture stores have some sort of variation of this. Usually its four pieces that sit flush with the table top and can pull out easily. This saves room as opposed to regular chairs and serves as double duty. If you dislike the style of those, simply get a coffee table that’s tall enough to slide a stylish low seating ottoman under like the image below. Adding a tray to a regular tufted ottoman gives balance and sturdiness making it functional as a surface as well. Sometimes you can get away with doing just that and opting out for a table all together. If you’d rather not have a taller coffee table and can fit a console somewhere within the space, just place stools, benches, floor pillows or ottomans under those. Same concept.

{images via She Knows, Elle Decor Spain……if u know the source of first image, let me know}

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