Design Inquiries: Need French Window Treatment Inspiration…

French Inspired Girls Room

This is a new series on my blog where I’ll highlight a question one of my readers sends through email or via twitter. Someone hit me up about french window inspired curtains for a little girls room. I totally think roman shades would be best. French designs are very heavy in textiles and a lot of tassles and ornate detailed valances. I think roman shades adds the billowy effect but still stays soft enough for a child’s room without being too formal. Click Here for more examples.

Sidenote: I put the pic of the girl’s room with the framed headboard because I felt that was a cool way to confine an inspiration board and girls and tweens love their beiber & mindless behavior posters and photos of friends. Ornate french frames spray painted in gold would achieve this look. Also if you don’t get roman curtains, use tassles and ways to make regular panels billowy. Here’s a Design Tip….place newspaper balls inside drapery panels so when you have them pulled back, it creates a puffy visual. My bride client’s mother did that trick in her home. I never would have known had she not told me.

If you have a design question, send me an email. Keep in mind I work two jobs so give me a little while to reply. 🙂

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  1. Kim says:

    Thanks, I love it!


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