Common Denominator: 3 interiors, one common trait…

Can you spot the similarity between the three interiors?

Continue reading for answers….

They all have silhouette images. Did you get it right?

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  1. GlamB0t says:

    It took me a few minutes but I got ’em! I LOVE these posts (and that orange love seat)!


    1. You’re always good at these. I think of you when I do them and try to make em harder each time…


  2. Eclectic A says:

    That bookcase in the first image is dope. It took a second to find the common denominator but I did after scrolling up and down a couple of times!


    1. Yes girl I love it. That’s the inspiration for an upcoming blog post..


  3. and the use of the color black! Love it, Goddess!


    1. Oh yeah, didn’t even think of that, and that’s my fav color! lol


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