Saturday Sunday Shindigs: Let the Holiday Festivities Begin….


Here’s some inspiration on how to set those tablescapes & decorate for this weekend’s shindigis. Figured I’d post the Saturday Sunday Shindig today so you can get any last minute things if you need to in advance. If you don’t have a bar cart but have a baby or know someone who does, maybe borrow their changing table and see how you can convert it into a beverage station HERE. It’s all about repurposing what you already own. Signature drinks are the best because you can make pitchers of it and have glasses already filled versus standing around a blender all evening. It allows you time to mingle and actually ENJOY your guests. Imagine Design Blog always has cocktail recipes you can try…

{Rue Mag}

Love the classic plaids up and through the place setting…

Set your walkway a glow with candles…and check out that brick. Love it…

{From the Right Bank}

Spray painting fallen branches is virtually free and brings that nature element into the space…


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