Cool and Creative Ideas for the space inside a non working fireplace…

Fireplaces are great to warm up to in the cold winter months but in the event  you’re stuck with a fireplace that doesn’t work, don’t fret. Still play up the feature with any of these ideas…

{Elements of Style}

Lean a mirror against it. This may require some measurement on your part to make sure the entrance doesn’t swallow the mirror in whole…

Love this mirrored look from Domino Mag. However I’d love the fireplace even more if it was painted a lacquered color. I’m not a huge fan of medium stained woods and this appears a bit unfinished to me. I may be wrong but I prefer a bit of glossiness vs a dull stain…

Love the idea of camouflaging a plasmas inside instead of hanging a plasma above the mantle (though, I’m one of the few designers who don’t have a problem with it)…

{Better home & garden}

Adorable  holiday decorating. Hey happy feet!!


Placing a big disco ball in front of the opening can make a pretty funky look…

{Other images via Pinterest and more ideas can be found HERE}


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