Color Schemes: Purple & Pink Christmas Holiday decor…

I had a conversation on twitter about the chance that a purple and pink tree could turn out tacky. Frankly, depending on how it’s decorated, any tree regardless of hue can become tacky. So here is a round of inspiration in a non traditional scheme that’s sure to make any girl happy. Above, I adore the display of cards on ribbon with ornaments and the ornaments and candles over the mantle. Simple easy decor ideas…

Tree decor design tips: Use beads (think Marti Gras) or ribbon instead of garland, use different sized bulbs to create more dimension, and instead of a star, use foliage and glittered branches at the tops of the tree…

{Lonny mag}


I prefer ribbon a little differently but the hues are still pretty…

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  1. fritzdecat says:

    I think it looks good…something different for a change


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