Manly Spaces Fabulous Places….

Men, here are some more examples of how to live with style in your space.


This is such a good use of space. I know that often times guys especially younger men still in college, want their space to feel like their own. Living in a basement does not have to be drab and dry. A mix of textures and furniture pieces, rugs that anchor and separate spaces, and good space planning makes a smaller room functional. The light bulb pendants over the headboard is so cool. There are mirrors behind the nightstands which helps create the illusion of a bigger space. Recessed lighting as well as other lamps provide for adequate lighting. The modern furniture pieces are beautiful. The layering of rugs on carpeting keeps it cozy. I love this space.


What a nice reading nook. The pinstripe walls gives it a nice touch…



This camel hued tufted ottoman is everything to me. It reminds me of this turquoise one…


{Ideas to Steal}

The lighting! the wood floors! Yes…


{Rue mag}

{as seen on the Decorista}

You can’t tell me that this doesn’t scream SMOKERS CLUB. Add a couple plasmas, I can totally envision men sitting around drinking, smoking cigars and talking about sports. The weathered sofas look broken in and comfortable without lacking style and sophistication…


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