White Christmas trees and multi-hued ornaments…

I used to HATE white trees with a passion. I loved the kind that looks like snow fell on them but solid white trees? I’d pass. However I do like the way these are decorated. Do you like white trees or prefer green?

{Gilt Groupe lifestyle editor Chassie Post’s loft apartment in New York}

I’m not even really into super busy print wallpaper though my friend who loves butterflies may like this. I DO however love the mixture of patterns like greek keys and chevron. So fun! And the gifts wrapped with real ribbon…love it. Plus the python print tray and silhouette pillows are all on my fab list. Though I prefer my tree to be filled with ornaments, I do like how hers pick up all the colors of the space. Matching your tree with your home decor makes it aesthetically pleasing to the eyes…

Sidenote: Christmas is my favorite holiday but I don’t want to turn this blog into a Christmas blog so holiday post will be about, 2 or 3  a week. Interior design will still remain number 1 😉

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