Tall, dark & sexy….not a man….Interiors…

I love a dark deeply rich in hues room. Combined with ambient lighting, we have a really sexy space. The architecture of the space above is a mixture of rustic & modern. The sleek fireplace is sure to set any mood. The vaulted wooden ceiling and beams makes it grand but the deep earth tones keeps it warm and comfy. It’s really the ambient lighting that sets it off. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to appreciate the ceiling’s beauty. Lighting is always something you don’t want to skimp on as it will do wonders in transforming your space.

The purples and raspberry hues really pop against the gray. The design is a simplistic approach but it doesn’t compromise comfort. I could see myself lounging on the sofas on the cowhide rug in those fabulous jewel tones. I also like how they painted the trim around the entrance (seen in the mirror) and window seat. It’s a great way to add color to the walls in a darker tone if you don’t want to commit to a wall filled with it. I especially like the blocked out area of black for the floating shelves. Gives that area a little interest.
Another mustard and gray combo with curtains puddling to the ground. That always makes a room feel larger even it’s not. Especially when the rod is near the ceiling, regardless of where the window starts. It draws your eyes upward.

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