Interiors with Botanicals…

One thing that makes a place feel lived in is a home with leafy plant life. Unfortunately I don’t come across many interiors with them. By no means do I think one should go the 70s route by having a rain forest taking up a wall but a plant or two doesn’t hurt. Not to mention some benefit of plants is improved air quality, perfect for those with allergies as plants help remove pollutants and dust. They also help keep air humidity which is a great cold/flu preventative measure. On top of that, just like animals, caring for something live helps to ward off stress. The above bedroom is a nice combination of chic and rustic elements from the white washed wood paneling, wood floors, and stone fireplace w/this sphere shaped chandelier (that can be seen HERE) dyed cowhiderug & the upholstered headboard…

Great styling….

I would love to know the name of this plant as it’s a different take on the faux trees you see. They help anchor the focal point which is the fireplace….

{images via Canadian House & Home, Birch & Bird, Better Home & Garden, the Decorista tumblr, Conspicuouss Style & House of Turquoise}

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