Decorating with utensils…yep utensils on mirrors, chandeliers etc…

One time in Pier 1 (my fav retail chain decor store), I came across these ginormous spoons and forks that could be hung on the wall of one’s kitchen. So whimsy and fun. So when I came across two interiors with utensils for decor, I knew I had a new topic. First off, this small kitchen above is fabulous in every sense. The black chalkboard paint amongst the white is a classic color palette and the chandelier adds a bit of glam to the design. Surprisingly the black ceiling doesn’t make the space feel heavy despite the cramped galley kitchen style. This is due to the floor to ceiling cabinets being white. If there were floating shelves, the space would feel even more open…
This mirror is a fun DIY project that I really want to try. Click HERE to see Country Living’s tutorial…

{Images via my Pinterest, (Desire to Inspire & Carrier & Co}

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