Don’t be afraid to use bookshelves to display bowls, paperweights & other randoms…

I recently had a conversation with someone who received a bowl from her aunt’s travels to South Africa. She had no clue where to put it. I explained to her if she had shelves, she should place it on top of a pyramid stack of books. It got me thinking about how shelves and bookcases can be used for styling. There are collections, artifacts, vases, frames, pictures, plants, flowers, candles, pottery, souvenirs, paperweights, and other odds and ends that would look perfect intermingled with books. I believe these things can easily look like clutter anywhere else but perfect when styled on a shelf…

That’s a clutch in between the books…

I love this. I mean, this could easily go in a corner soemwhere in a bedroom. Put the flyest coat you have and a pile of books on a chair. I’d just suggest picking a prettier chair like THIS 🙂


If you want more tips on decorating shelves, read 1 & 2 by Knight Moves…

{images via The Lennoxx, Parlour Home Blog & Pinterest, Here & Here}

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