Wedding Wednesday: Creative Guestbook Ideas…

When I designed my cousin’s anniversary party entry area, I wanted a guest book of sorts so I created a wishing well tree where people could write notes and hang it on trees. Click HERE to see it. When I styled a wedding this past April, I did something even similar. I used a brandy vase for people to put notes written on note cards. That can be seen HERE. There are many other ways you can bypass the traditional guest book. I like the above idea, allowing guest to type out their message, though that may be a daunting task for older generations not accustomed to typing. Make sure to have some pen and paper as well…

 Fingerprints can create a beautiful image. I’ve also seen a “tree” version where it looks like leaves…

 Love this idea. I actually debated about doing it for my clients. Paired with envelopes so they can “send the couple well wishes/advice” is even better…

Cute idea for people who are in the medical field…

 Have a prop area with a Polaroid where guest can take pics of themselves and write a note.

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  1. Molly G. says:

    These are such creative ideas! I absolutely love the Polaroid idea- I might have to think about that for my wedding! Feel free to check out my wedding blog, too.


    1. No doubt will do 🙂


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