Painting exposed brick: your thoughts?….

I love me some exposed brick walls and I think painting them can go either way. Sometimes the brick’s color can make a place feel like a dungeon and dated. Painting can modernize it and bring new life into it. There are other times in which the brick works well aged and natural. What do you think…to paint or not to paint?

{House of Fifty}

{Desire to Inspire}

 I just adore the camel and black combination…

 Hey, it’s decorating with baskets, giving us all sorts of texture combined with the brick…

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  1. I think painting bricks can cheer up a room no end, especially where the mortar may well be badly finished. Make sure you do your preparation first before painting. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the bricks. Wash the bricks with some soapy water. Leave to dry for a day.


    1. Very good tips. I will update this article or do another post on the preps for painting them. Thanks


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