Pt 2: Creative space planning & design makes attics with sloped ceilings functional…



Here’s round two and I’m showing you how paint can make a dark, cold attic space into something very bright and lively. If you haven’t already done so, click HERE to see part 1 of creative attic uses…

You can’t really tell but this one is an attic. Look toward the upper left hand side of the pic. You can see they used a rod and curtains to cut off the slope ceiling and hide storage. It’s similar to the pic below except they used the area for beds which would be cool for kids’ slumber bashes…


Very good use of space. Painting the walls, floors and ceiling white prevents this from being too dark considering there isn’t many windows to have natural light poured in…

{Crafty Storage} 



If anyone knows where you can purchases this shelving unit, please leave a message…

{Coastal Living}

Elevating the beds and creating storage underneath is very similar to THIS design where blocks were used to elevate a day bed. Not only is it functional, you have more floor space for other things as opposed to furniture…


If the walls are too short, simply create built ins for storage…


Paper lanterns help fill in some of the space in arched ceilings…

These sloped ceilings didn’t prevent this owner from creating a GALLERY wall.

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  1. Sierra says:

    Ikea sells the shelving unit


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