Grays is a neutral hue that looks fabulous when paired w/any color…

{via Lori Graham Design}
So yesterday was quite dreary and the other night we had thunderstorms (which I live for). But while commuting to work I noticed how lovely the tops of trees look against the gray sky. Made me think how many colors gray can be paired with. As much as black is my fav color, I feel gray is neutral enough but dark enough to make saturated hues pop. Just look…the above design I love. The black and white is ever so classic, but the pop of georgia peach is even better. The gray looks good with both tones…
{via my Pinterest}

I’ll take this chandelier for $200 Alex….

{via Birch & Bird}
Love burnt orange for fall and this modern decor is it. Velvety sofa? Perfect for autumn. By no means am I suggesting to switch your main pieces of furniture with the seasons because that’s expensive & just ridiculous. This image just screams fall to me….

Cranberry & gray is a much better pairing than black and reds because gray is less jarring…

Beautiful contrast between the gray & turquoise. You know me, I love my TURQ hues…

A nice little tufted gray and camel KITCHEN NOOK….

This dandelion chandelier & the BLUSH hued pinks that we seen in Jennifer Lopez’s home is so girlie. But I still love THIS vintage gray & pink room the best…

{Adore Home Mag styled by fellow design blogger Ashlina Kaposta}

I love this look. It’s a little unexpected for me. When I think of grays I usually pair it with silvers and gun-metal. At least in wardrobe so to see it with gold and bronze accents is a nice surprise. I love BAR CARTS. Even if you don’t entertain, it looks so stylish to have your “spirits” on deck in such a fancy way.

A bright taxi cab yellow & gray color scheme…reminds me of THIS inspiration from nature. That backsplash is very bold. I wouldn’t suggest that if you’re planning on selling your home soon (unless you don’t mind changing it) as you will certainly limit the buyer pool. You want to stay as neutral as possible. (For more designing for resale tips, see THIS). However if you plan to stay awhile, I would completely personalize the space too…

Gray and sky blue…

{via New Zealand Design Blog}

It’s purple on my computer but regardless of what it shows up, it looks good paired with charcoal gray. Actually that chocolate rug is looking kind of hot too with the gray floors.

{designed by Kay Douglas for Veranda Mag}

 I don’t post much on emerald hues because it isn’t my go to color of choice but there are times like this and THIS where I love it. Sidenote: that chandelier and fireplace mantle!! I’m pretty sure the mantle was a regular natural wood color and I’m all for painting wood. It seriously does wonders in transforming something drab to fab. Also, I love when window treatments puddle to the grown. So romantic…

Gray and white for bathrooms is always relaxing and calming…


 I love ABSTRACT ART…well, most times…being honest. But the colors in this piece is so vibrant. I actually wish they brought out more of those hues into the decor selection. Nonetheless I love the space especially the BRICK wall. 

So what color would you pair gray with?

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