I love Grapes & Plums…not just the fruit but within interiors…

I’ve said before how black is my fav color but purple has always been my runner-up. It’s a hue that has so many shades. The color is rich and royal and these interiors are downright glam. The above image from this November’s Elle Decor is striking. The grape hued lacquered finished bookshelving is giving me all sorts of visualgasms.
The magenta colored flowers make for a pretty contrast. When you’re doing a monochromatic scheme, keep it interesting by layering tons of textures and fabrics.
One thing you can do to hide an unsightly dining table is drape it with a fabulous print fabric. I love anything zebra. Draping a floor length tablecloth is a good way to keep it flirty & feminine.
I like a home that isn’t afraid of color. You don’t always have to keep the wall color the same through out the house. Especially if you have a home with formal living/dining rooms (basically no open floorplans), it’s much easier to have multiple palettes. Considering different rooms evoke different moods, I think it’s a win win situation. Maybe keep a sense of cohesiveness by keeping the styles of decor & furniture the same through out the space…
Now on my phone this glamorous work space looks purple. Lucite ghost chair gets a little cozier with the fur (hopefully faux)… So which post had the best purple interiors? This or That?
{All other images via Elle Decor, Pinterest & Conspicuous Style}

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