Use a blown up picture to cover a wall instead of wallpaper…


Last month I went to The Parade of Homes, the Fall Condo Tour & the Miracle Homes Tour. During the condo tour, one of the units downtown Milwaukee had a genius idea of a photo covering walls instead of wallpaper. The scene above was taken by me. The scene below is the same view but at night. How cool.

The above is a photo of the Milwaukee Art Museum. You may have recognized it when American Idol held auditions here that produced some of the top 15. Also Transformers had a part filmed here. This type of work reminds me of HGTV’s The Novogratz. The following 4 pictures is from the couples portfolio.

{The Novogratz}

The infamous photo of rapper 2pac.

 Love the pistol lamp…

I remember this episode on HGTV. They were doing a space where models lived. This photo wall is of their headshots. I thought the collage was pretty clever.

So what do you think of this idea? I personally would love a scenic wall like the ones from the condo and I think the images of my city’s skyline would look nice in a commercial space lobby.

{the Milwaukee condo's tour images taken by me & my cell}

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