Entreprenuerial Showcase: Shevanne E. Brown of Queen’s Collection…

So one of my twitter friends sends me pix of different things she’s designed in her home. One day I complimented the earrings worn in her twitcon. Turns out she side hustles from her day job as a jewelry maker. And like most people she simply loves decorating. She’s being so kind to give you, the readers, something special. So read on & find out…

Name: Shevanne E Brown

City: Tampa, Fl

Profession: Special Needs Teacher and Small Business Owner

Link (to site or blog): www.queenscollection.bigcartel.com

What’s a typical day in the life like for you? I work teach skills to a great group of special needs students (1 non-verbal, 2 semi-verbal, and 4 language impaired students)

When im not at work I am currently working on getting ready for the ING Marathon in miami on the 29 th of January.

What has been your biggest learning lesson both personally & professionally? Don’t every put yourself in LAST PLACE. It might sound selfish, but you can never be the best if you are never thinking about you wants and needs

How have you benefited from social media? And where can we find you?

 I have actually met so many different people who just like me are launching a business and working a full-time job. They let me know that it is doable but you just have to manage your time correctly. Twitter: @piesandmiles (personal) @queenscol (business) Facebook: Shevanne Elizabeth Brown MSE (personal) Queen’s Collection (business fan page) Email: queenscollectionsb@gmail.com

What would be the ultimate dream project?

My dream project is now becoming a reality. Ever since I was in high school I have ALWAYS wanted to sell hair.(yes it might sound strange) So in February, 2012 (on my 30 th birthday) I will be launching my online hair boutique. This is what gave birth to Queen’s Collection because just like jewelry I believe that hair is a GREAT accessory

Any design/fashion tips?

Design 1. Don’t forget about the accessories…YES UR HOME NEEDS IT 2. Pattern and bold colors are your friend

{Shevanne’s home}

3. Don’t spend your days watching HGTV…u will go into design OVERLOAD(true story…lol)

Fashion 1. Keep your closet organized it will save you time and $$$$

2. Never get stuck in a make-up rut. For example, red lipstick is great HOWEVER there are other shades out there so don’t wear it all the time. In fact just like clothing your make-up should change with the seasons

I’m a big list maker. What’s on your TO DO list?

I like to make a to-do list for the month and check off things that I have accomplished that way so my October list looks like this

*Launch Queen’s Collection (CHECK)

*Decide which race I’m going to run (full or half marathon) (CHECK)

 *plan Christmas tree decorations

*FIND Halloween costume

*make 9 weeks newsletter for my classroom (CHECK)

*find locations for Queen of Hairs photo shoot in December

*starting planning make-up and clothing mock-ups for the photo shoot Yeah I got a lot of work left

What are you currently anticipating?

All of the feedback wither negative or positive from me starting a business and being employed fulltime.

Fill in the blank. It’s the lil things like _my dog sleeping on me while I work__ that brings you joy.

Favorite luxury to indulge in?

SPORTS MASSAGES…I get these 1-2 times a month while I am training for a race.

Favorite Indulgences….


PIES/DONUTS/CAKES…hence the twitter handle @piesandmiles I eat it, then I run it off <=Miya’s note: I always wondered what her twitter name meant, lol


MAN VS FOOD…I live thru Adam and all of his food challenges


Shoes!!!!! I love all of my shoe babies equally and they all have helped me make a simple outfit GREATER


I love ULTA, anytime I go there I spend about $50 and that’s with the discount.

Currently I am spreading the gospel of setting spray, the best one I have found is Urban Decay’s Out All Night. It holds your make-up in place with out feeling heavy or sticky and it has a cooling agent which helps out in a steamy club.


I’ve just discovered red wines, so my favorite is a Shiraz(at least two years aged).


Started this three years ago where I started running in places I also like to vacation in. So the furthest I have traveled was Vancouver for a ½ marathon

and the closet has been Disney World for another ½ by this time next year I have my sights on Dublin. Ireland for a full marathon.

If $ were no object, what would be your ultimate design indulgence?

INFINTIY TUB…no explanation needed.


Thanks Shevanne for giving us insight on the brain behind Queen’s Collection. Shevanne has graciously offered my readers free shipping on any order over $30. The coupon code is DIFREESHIP. See me below rocking a pair of gold hoops. Super jazzy. 🙂

{images via Shevanne’s personal stash, my cell & Pinterest}

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