Saturday Sunday Shindig: Fun pumpkin & Halloween decor ideas…

{All You}

I figured I might as well give you some ideas for any Halloween bashes since we have one week left.


 So you want to have some curb appeal whenever you’re decorating for any holiday. It’s always a fine line between festive and cheesy. I don’t cosign cheesiness. What I do cosign is chic whimsical decor. For those of you who are really into it, a half gallon of paint will be more than enough to give your door a pop of color. I think this works well if the palette of your home is already neutral. A lot of you all have outdoor seating. Perfect opportunity to switch out the pillows and cushions for ones in whatever Halloween color scheme you’re going with. I personally like the following: red, cranberry & black…black, white & orange…orange, black & purple or black, gunmetal, silver. A feather wreathe is something Pier 1 would have.

{Monolo Home}

Love these bats. It’s festive without overdoing it. A simple plant urn with pumpkins adds to the fun…


Speaking of urns, how about this fun idea with mannequin legs?

Infusing a trendy Chevron pattern for a tablescape is all the way chic. Use fabric or craft paper from Michael’s or Jo-Ann fabric to  put around vases or empty soup cans. Place orange flowers in it for beautiful centerpieces (find some at grocery stores for affordable prices).


Craft paper, ribbon, frames & sculls all are things that can be purchased at craft stores (sometimes even the Dollar store). Inexpensive 3-dimensional art…

Glitter pumpkins can be bought or easily made when you use carvable pumpkins (craft stores). Painting a pumpkin a chevron or any other cool pattern ups the chic factor. A ghostly holey fabric choice is good as a runner in the center of a table…

What do you do when you get a run in your tights? Toss ’em right? Well use them to decorate some smaller pumpkins. Easy without the time, effort or mess…

{Bright Bazaar}

{Martha Stewart}

{Conspicuous Style}


{Hostess Blog}

Branches are so inexpensive. Virtually free. Simply go outside in your yard or a park and collect a few, spray paint them if you wish. Decorating with Branches is one of my favorite things. I’ve done it HERE for an anniversary party & for my sis n law’s baby shower. One was a wishing well tree, the other purely decor. They’re great for Halloween because the branches pay homage to the autumn season and they look spooky when paired with black birds…

The dentures…#icant lol

A lil bit of straws, lanterns, and height goes a long way. Setting things on tiers and platters give a visually pleasing tablescape. Truthfully speaking, Halloween is my 2nd fav  holiday next to Christmas. I live for scary movies and all the decor in my fav color black just does it for me. I probably will have another round of Halloween inspiration before the week is out.

{all other images via Hostess Blog & Pinterest}

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