Tuesday’s Tips: the find-things-easier edition…

For this round of tips I decided to give you a few ideas to make life a little less complicated by freeing up the time you spend looking for things. First off, isn’t the above a great color scheme inspiration? I told yall, inspiration come from anywhere. Anyway, ever break or lose matching silverware sets? Well painting the tips is not only a cool looking thing but it’s a great way to distinguish between sets. Just remember don’t paint pass the handle.

So how many of us have ever misplaced our keys? Yep, I see hands raised everywhere. This idea not only repurpose frames AND coat hooks, but it’s a beautiful way to hang keys. Just create this look near a door for fab entryway design that’s also very functional. Bonus points if you find decorative keys as well.

So for those of you like my mom who stock up on canned items as if a blizzard or other natural disaster will keep you trapped in your home for eons, you will appreciate this. Using the cardboard container for sodas, insert canned items. An easy way to find your soups, fruit cocktails, beans, etc. Not only that, you can easily see when you’re low and need to replenish.

{images via Pinterest & Here}

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