Modern Beach Styled Living from Miami House & Home…

When I was younger, my dad did handyman work for a number of people and would bring back catalogues that they were going to toss. That began my love of browsing magazines. To this day, everybody who knows me knows when I come over, I’m going to have several on me, or in my car. Architectural Digest was one of the ones I’d see often. Back then my heart was set on being a high school art teacher but looking back, there was a reason I never tossed that mag. Why is it still sitting on a shelf in my living room? I could never part with it and the many beautiful interiors. Even way back as a kid, I had a deep appreciation for aesthetics. So when I would go to Walgreens and browse the mag section, I slowly became interested in what the shelter mags had to offer. Florida Design was one I would buy on occasion. The homes were completely different from anything you see here in Milwaukee or the midwest period. Miami House & Home is similar which is the source of these images.

I usually hate with a passion plates on a wall but I love the whimsiness of these. The taupe, beige,  black and white scheme creates a warm and sexy palette. The winged back linen upholstered bench gives a casual vibe. The circular details are echoed in numerous pieces like the tables, trays and lighting pendants and really offsets all the 90 degree angles within the rest of the space. Repeating shapes is a good way to make a space cohesive.

From here on out, the home has beautiful large selections of art. Really like the chrome quilted detail in the built ins.

 Art is a great way to infuse color through out. However you can find inspiration for color schemes anywhere. The pops of citrus hues from the Koi picture and pillows really makes this Miami-esque.

This whale picture…or is that a person? Nonetheless I like. Design Tip: Use wall sconces instead of nightstand lamps to free up some space.

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